Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Emerging into the blog world once again.


It has been forever since my last post. Nearly 7 months to be precise. More life changes have just occurred. Yesterday was my last day at my insurance position. While I loved working there, I left for a few reasons - first, I missed Carter something fierce ; second, after looking at our finances, we were only coming out about $80/wk ahead due to costs such as daycare, etc. ; third, I want to be able to be more involved in the things that matter to me most such as church, Carter's school, volunteering, etc. Couple those things along with the fact, that I really feel I'm just not cut out to work a regular job, is the reason I left.

I'm going to try getting a job that I can do from home so if anyone that reads this knows of any good and legitimate companies that hire telecommuters, let me know. I do have a list of 6 or 7 that I know are legit and am going to begin actively pursuing that.

Also, Mike and I have been feeling a nudge from God that we should pursue becoming foster parents. I'm realizing more and more, that God's plan for us may be that we don't have more biological children, but that we help take care of children that are already on this earth and don't have a loving home. Our dream is to one day adopt from Africa, but due to the cost associated with that, we know that will have to be a long-term goal. In the meantime, we want to help as many children as we can. Yesterday we went to our first meeting in the long process. There is 12 weeks of training that we will have to undergo and then another 4 months of things like home studies and interviews to complete the process. It's not going to go as quickly as I originally had anticipated or wished for, but hopefully sometime next year in the early fall, we will have our first child or children.

I will be sure to post much more often and since I'll have a heck of a lot more time on my hands, I don't think it will be an issue. Please pray that the transition goes well for both Carter and I and that all goes smoothly with the foster care process.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Please Pray

My dear friend Sandi who is a member of Friendly Faces , a message board for moms that I'm a part of, is going through something so terribly difficult. She just found out a few weeks ago that she is pregnant. She recently noticed a lump in her throat and had thought it was due to her thyroid complications. They are now thinking it is Lymphoma. Please PLEASE say a prayer for her and her baby as well as for her husband and her 3 girls. The power of prayer is an amazing thing. Please add a comment to this post and I will pass it along to her. I know that your thoughts and prayers will help her through this scary time.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Getting Healthy

Well I think it may just be that we are getting healthy again. Neither I nor Carter are at 100%, but I think we are at least headed in the right direction. I'm going to have a busy busy next couple of weeks. I'm actually excited. I finally have a set schedule at work. For the month of May, I will be working all day Monday and Friday and then doing sales calls for 4 hours at some point throughout the week. Then starting in June, my schedule will jump back and forth every other week. Week 1 will be Mon, Wed, Fri and week 2 will be Tues, Thurs, Sat morning. I think this schedule is really going to work well for me.

Big News!!! (No, sadly, I'm not pregnant.) On Saturday, my hubby and I will have been together for 7 years!!!!!!! That is such huge milestone for us. I was with someone for 4 years so I long ago passed my record, but 7 years is the milestone for my hubby. He has to work a little, but he is supposed to get done early and we are going to go out and celebrate. I can't believe how much in love I still am and not the ooshy gooshy kind of love, but the kind that you know will get you through anything because you have someone there to hold you up. Marriage is so amazing!! (At least most of the time! HA!)

I get to do a little shopping at an outlet mall on Saturday. I am going to get a few new bras (exciting I know, but hey, some of us don't get out much!) I may see if I can find a few other bargains while I'm at it. I'm also going to go to a Lia Sophia party. For those who don't know what that is ( I just heard of this within the last year myself) it's a jewelry party. I've never been to one or looked at what they have, but a friend of mine has some of their stuff. I've heard it's pricey so I'm not sure how much I'll get, but I'll probably buy something. I don't like going to those parties because I always feel obligated to buy something to help the host out, but I should probably go since it's my sister-in-law having the party.

Tomorrow I work all day and I really have a lot to do tomorrow night too. I was off today and felt completely lazy and did nothing, but lay outside and read a book nearly all day!!!!! My house could really use a picking up and a good once over and I still have a few loads of laundry to do, but I just have an "oh well, it will be there tomorrow" attitude today.

Well for now that's my life in a nutshell.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Go Figure

After I got done posting, I started to get very nauseous so I didn't get a single thing done last night. So that leaves everything for today although I will move laundry back to tomorrow along with groceries. I have a feeling I won't be going to church tomorrow since it seems that I feel worse in the morning so I'll probably lay in bed while hubby is at church and try to get my grocery list done then.

Wish me luck!


Well I have accomplished quite a bit so far. Considering how I still feel, I think I've done well. You can look at what I've crossed off yesterday's list.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Update On Carter

Well, after seeing his dr. they think that it is in fact a UTI. He said that the antibiotics that I had given him could have affected the results of his lab test. He said that it also just may be a continuation from his stomach flu from last week. Apparently sometimes if a child is either constipated or has diarrhea it can irritate the bladder and make it seem as though they have a UTI. If it doesn't get better the other possibility is diabetes. That's definitely scary because there is a lot of family history on my side with both Type I and Type II. Dr. said not to worry at this point though because he thought it was unlikely.

So far so good and Carter seems to be responding to the antibiotics and his accidents are getting fewer and farther between.

Now however, I am ill. I have an extremely nasty cold. But after being in bed most of yesterday and most of today, I'm starting to feel a little better. I really want to get my house clean tonight so I can get laundry done tomorrow. For some reason I have this complusion where I can't do laundry in a messy house. Needless to say, that's probably why my laundry piles up so often. Here's my to-do list for tonight and tomorrow...

Clean off Desk
Pick Up Toys w/ Carter

Living Room-
Clean Off Coffee Table
Straighten Book Shelf
Spot Clean Carpets

Wipe Off Counters
Polish Appliances

Dining Room-
Wipe Off Table

Powder Room-
Wipe Down Sink
Clean Toilet
Vacuum Mop

Master Bedroom-
Make Bed
Pick Up Old Newspapers

Master Bathroom-
Clean Off Sink Area
Clean Toilet
Wipe Out Shower and Tub
Pick Up Dirty Laundry
Spot Clean Carpets

Guest Rooms-
Remove Bedding To Be Washed

Guest Bathroom-
Wipe Out Shower & Tub
Clean Toilet
Clean Sink Area

Carter's Room-
Pick Up Toys
Straighten Closet
Spot Clean Carpets

Anything That Was Not Done Tonight
Pay Bills
Grocery List & Shopping

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Please Say A Prayer

for my son Carter. This last week he has started to have accidents. He was tested today for a UTI, but that test came back negative and now the dr. wants to see him. I'm so worried. I keep telling myself it's nothing to be really worried about, but I can't help but worry. He otherwise seems to be feeling ok. UGH!! I hate when he is sick and it just seems like he has been sick non-stop with something for the longest time. Please say a prayer for him if you would and for myself too. I'm not sure my nerves can handle waiting until tomorrow morning when we meet with the dr.